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Countertop Refinishing

Countertop refinishing is a low cost remodeling option to update your bathroom and kitchen counter tops when damage is scattered over the countertop, the finish is worn, or a color change is desired. The longevity of the refinished countertop should be equivalent to or exceed that of the original counter top.

Surface Specialists® solid color countertop refinishing coating is actually harder than the original Formica surface. Several manufacturers purchase our topcoat for the use in manufacturing their own products, attesting to its superior reputation and quality. Counter tops can be refinished in any of the same solid colors available for tub refinishing in a glossy finish. Several counter top refinishing colors can also be applied in a matte or egg shell finish.

Update your bathroom and kitchen countertop and vanity surfaces with the look and appearance of real stone, marble and granite with our multicolor stone counter top refinishing option. Multi-color countertop refinish options provide a realistic stone finish or appearance and will give your kitchen and bathroom counter tops, tile, bathtubs, vanities, showers or sinks a fresh, new modern look at significantly lower prices than real marble, granite and stone.

In this countertop refinishing process we utilize layering techniques as we spray on the counter top finish to achieve depth and realism of true stone. Unlike natural stone; surfaces refinished with our simulated stone countertop refinishing products do not require annual cleaning and sealing. They are extremely durable and stain resistant and available in several color options.

Contact your local Surface Specialists for pricing and warranty information. If we do not have a franchise in your area and you think a counter top refinishing franchise might be right for you, please visit our countertop refinishing franchise opportunity website.

Franchise locations are Independently Owned and Operated.  They may not offer all services shown.   Contact franchises directly for services provided & estimates.