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Surface Specialists - Tub Repair and Refinishing Experts

Are you looking for bathtub repairs, tub refinishing or low cost bathroom and kitchen remodeling options?

We are experts at repairing and refinishing kitchen and bathroom surfaces to look like new. Commonly referred to as refinishing, reglazing, resurfacing, or painting a tub - Surface Specialists locations have been providing this service across the US since 1981.

When we refinish your tub, it is done in place which saves you from additional demolition and repair expenses involved with typical remodeling.

Tour our website or call us to find out more about the benefits of tub repair and refinish services.


If you have a small chip, ding, scratch or burn in your bathtub those can be repaired and blended in without the need for a complete refinish. We can also repair through cracks and provide support to weak tub bottoms. Learn more
If your shower floor is holding water, holes were cut in the wrong place or you want to relocate your plumbing fixtures - these issues can all be easily repaired! Learn more
Spider web cracks around the sink drain, chips and other types of cracks can be repaired in bathroom and kitchen sinks. Learn more
Virtually any scratch, chip, burn, ding or nick in plastic laminate (Formica) or solid surface (Corian) countertops can be repaired! Learn more
Jets, pumps, motors, intakes and air switches from your whirlpool tub can all be repaired or replaced to return your whirlpool to working order. Learn more
From light to deep scratches, our revolutionary process removes scratches from all types of home and commercial glass and mirrors. Learn more
Vinyl window frames can be repaired. We fix chips, dings, stains, cracks and other types of vinyl window damage. Learn more
Blisters, air voids, cracks, chips and other surface damage can also be repaired in spas and hot tubs. Learn more
Though extremely durable, granite and natural marble can still become damaged or dull. We can typically repair and polish these surfaces. Learn more
Surface Specialists can repair stainless sink damage and return it to an attractive uniform finish. Learn more


Bathtub Refinishing is one of the best options when the bathtub is worn out, a color change is desired, or damage is scattered over the entire surface. Learn more
Shower pan refinishing can bring new life to your fiberglass, acrylic or terrazo shower bases. Learn more
Sink refinishing can include pedestal sinks, kitchen sinks, drop in bowls, and cultured marble sinks and vanities. Learn more
Countertop refinishing can give your counter tops the appearance of stone without the hassle of caring for real stone. Learn more
Ceramic tile refinishing can include both wall and floor tiles. Grout lines are sealed reducing the risk of mold and mildew. Learn more
Spa refinishing can also include hot tubs and swim spas. Constant chemical use can fade and discolor spas; refinishing can restore hot tubs to look like new. Learn more

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Longer term solutions for your tub and bathroom; acrylic tubliners, wall liners and accessories are installed directly over your existing surfaces. Low cost and a brand new surface! Learn more
Acrylic Shower Liners are installed directly over your existing surfaces. We can also remove the pan, in most cases, and replace with a new base, still at a fraction of the cost of remodeling contractors. Learn more
Convert your existing tub to a shower in a few hours instead of days. Remove a portion of the tub wall to create a lower barrier, easy access to the tub. Learn more
Transform your ordinary bathtub into a luxurious whirlpool bath. Relieve tension, stress, and aching sore muscles in the privacy of your own home. Learn more
Protect against slips and falls with the application or our anti-slip coatings. So durable and versatile it can be used on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Learn more
Clean and restore dirty grout or re-color it to create a new look. Learn more
Walk-in bathtubs available as traditional soaking tubs, or with therapeutic benefits of whirlpool, air spa or combo massage. Learn more

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