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Grout Colorant

There is no need to dig out and replace dirty and stained grout in your kitchen and bathroom tile! With our Grout Colorant products we can clean, seal, restore and recolor your grout.  Grout Colorant is a water-based epoxy product with built in Microban formulated to provide maximum stain protection.


Available in several standard colors or custom matched to popular grout manufacturers. Grout joints which are recolored and resealed with our Grout Colorant will provide years of lasting durability and beauty.


Grout Colorant can be used on sanded, unsanded and epoxy grout joints. It is effective for interior and exterior applications and suitable for new or existing grout.  It is not recommended, however, for use on submerged or underwater tile or on areas subject to hydrostatic pressure.


Treated surfaces are ready for surface traffic in 2 hours, though should be kept dry for 24 hours and should not be scrubbed for 20 hours.


Contact your local Surface Specialists for availability, pricing and warranty information. If we do not have a franchise in your area and you are interested in a bathtub repair and refinishing franchise, please visit our franchise opportunity website.

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