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Jetting of Tubs - Whirlpool Conversion

Experience the convenience and comfort of your very own whirlpool. Jetting of tubs or whirlpool conversions are when whirlpool jets are installed in your existing bathtub at a fraction of the cost of a new factory installed whirlpool.

The whirlpool conversion system is easy and convenient to use. Unlike typical whirlpools, jetting of tubs is chemical free and minimal maintenance is required. Quiet operation offers turbulence control from gentle to very powerful. Relieve tension, stress, and aching sore muscles all in the privacy of your own home with our whirlpool jet installation.

Our professionally installed tub jet system will take only one day to complete and whirlpool conversions can be performed on most types of tubs in any home. Additionally, the entire system is UL listed for your safety. Jetted tub refinishing is also available and can be performed at the same time as the whirlpool jet installation.

Contact your local Surface Specialists for pricing and warranty information. If we do not have a franchise in your area and you think a franchise involving jetting of tubs might be right for you, please visit our franchise opportunity website.

Franchise locations are Independently Owned and Operated.  They may not offer all services shown.   Contact franchises directly for services provided & estimates.